LG&E Power Plant Decommissioning

  • Completion Date: 2016
  • Location: Louisville, KY
  • Project Type: Demolition, Recycling

About this Project

Louisville Gas & Electric

Mill Creek Power Plant

Decommissioning a power plant requires careful planning through site assessment and execution to ensure safe and effective demolition implementation. Demo Plus did just that as it worked to decommission the Mill Creek power plant as it was being converted from a coal burning plant. Parts of the old plant continued to be operational as we decommissioned other parts and while the new power plant was being built. The power plant was never non-operational.

SBE: 100% (no required project goal)

WBE: 2% (no required project goal)

MBE: 1% (no required project goal)

Local Subcontractors/Suppliers – 92%


  • Worked in an occupied and operational facility
  • Developed and executed project specific demolition health and safety plans
  • Removed and disposed of hazardous chemicals and materials
  • Diverted more than 90% of debris from landfills through recycling efforts
  • Met high safety standards on a worksite that included more than 1,200 workers daily
  • No safety incidents or accidents during the entire project