Paragon Mills Elementary School

  • Completion Date: Fall 2024
  • Location: Nashville, TN
  • Project Type: Interior/Exterior Demolition, Earthwork, Utilities

About this Project

Paragon Mills Elementary School is a public school located in a large city setting within Nashville, TN. This project is multi-phased where part of the old school is getting demolished and then new sections of the school will be built while the school is active. After the new structure is built, the original school will be renovated during the summer when school is closed. Scope of work includes erosion control, building demolition, site demolition, earthwork, site grading and installation of sanitary sewer, storm sewer, and watermain.


  •  45,000 cy of mass excavation
  • Export of 28,000 cy of material
  • Excavation of bedrock and unsuitable soils
  • Excavation 5,000 cy for test pits
  • Selective demolition of existing elementary school
  • Removal of 54,000 sf asphalt parking lot
  • Installation of all site utilities

Site Conditions:

  • Active, occupied elementary school
  • Stringent background requirement for all employees on site